Our dogs are all fed a balanced raw diet. Our puppies are fully weaned to raw! We encourage our puppy buyers to consider feeding raw and would love to educate you on the extensive benefits. If you prefer, we are also willing to introduce your pup to a high quality, grain free kibble before they leave for their new home.  Our dogs are also fed FidoVite as well as our puppies. 

How to Feed Raw: 
Raw diets are balanced with at least 3 protein sources with 50% consisting of red meat. Our raw diet is ground and balanced for our pups. You will also need to feed a fish source (salmon is recommended). We also proudly recommend feeding FidoVite! Dogs are fed 10% of puppy weight until it exceeds 2-3% of expected adult weight. We would be happy to assist you in formulating a plan to continue to raw feed your puppy!

Benefits of Raw Feeding
-Bio-degradable stool
-Much cleaner, stronger teeth
-Shiny, soft coat
-Less health risks
-Leaner, muscle based body mass


Our dogs are kept at optimum health and fitness. Since the German Shepherd Dog should be a dog that can work for long periods of time, we tend to also condition our dogs to be able to do so. Living in the country, we are able to allow our dogs to run quite frequently on our property. We highly encourage future puppy owners to allow their dogs to live an active and fit lifestyle with variation in terrain, intensity, and impact. Young dogs should never be forced to exercise for extended periods of time but quality conditioning is encouraged. 

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