"A" Litter
cero jivo, IPO3 KKL x Deja vu von Telos, CGC, RN, BH, IPO1

whelped: 6/28/2017

Deja whelped 10 healthy babies on 6/28! We had 3 males (1 black, 2 black/tan) and 7 females (1 black, 1 black/tan, 5 sables). 

We have seen this combination produce super off switches, big bone, nice heads, and plenty of work ethic. This combination has exceptional food and prey drive and we look forward to watching them mature. 

Orange Collar-Amber vom Adlerland "Ava" 
Sport work, WI

Yellow Collar-Ava vom Adlerland "Jessy"

Pink Collar-Aurora vom Adlerland "Nala"
Personal Protection, CA

Light Blue Collar-Anarchy vom Adlerland "Ana"
Active Pet, WI

Blue Collar-A. Baghira vom Adlerland
Active Pet, WI


Pink Camo Collar-Ashara vom Adlerland
Search and Rescue, Florida

Purple Collar-Aria vom Adlerland
Personal Protection, FL

Camo Collar-Aspen vom Adlerland
Schutzhund, WI

Green Collar-Ammo vom Adlerland
Personal Protection, KS

Green/Black Collar-Arvee vom Adlerland

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