Deja vu von Telos, CGC, RN,BH, IPO1

DOB: 1/13/15
Weight: 72 pounds

Elbows: OFA Normal
DM Clear

Deja is our foundation female. She is a high drive dog with an exceptional off switch. She has been raised in our home with our other dogs and enjoys running on our 20 acres we live on. She is aloof and neutral with strangers but friendly with people she knows. She is a highly intelligent dog that is easy to train and eager to please. 

Deja is one of those females every handler wants. She is a hard dog who puts her heart into working for her handler. She pushes to work harder in everything that is asked of her and is a very fast learner. You'll see her intense work ethic come through in anything that is asked of her. In obedience, she is flashy and pushy...always wanting more and trying harder. In tracking, she is focused and methodical. In protection work, Deja can handle anything that is asked of her. She has done Schutzhund, table work, leg/forearm/bicep bites, and hidden sleeve work. She is clear headed and able to take pressure/correction exceptionally well. 

Deja's ability to reproduce herself is admirable. Her first litter was in June, 2017 and we have seen the same work ethic, off switch, and drives come through in the puppies. We are constantly trying to improve the utility German Shepherd Dog and are happy to see offspring that are as desirable as she is. 


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