"B" Litter

Nero vom buchonia, IPO3, PD-1, AD, CGCA, FDC, TKN

Deja vu von Telos, Bh, CGCA, RN, IPO1  

Whelped: 8/27/2018

7 Females (2 Sable, 3 Black/Tan, 2 Bicolor), 3 Males (1 Sable, 2 Black/Tan)

These puppies have exceptional off switches with both parents living in their families homes. Nero and Deja have an exciting story that both dogs have been raised, handled, and titled since 8 weeks by their current owners. They are expected to have high drives, stable nerves, and super work ethic. This litter should excel in police, sport, SAR, or personal protection style homes. 

Watermelon Collar-Benelli vom Adlerland
Schutzhund, WI

Green Collar-Bane vom Adlerland
Schutzhund, WI

Orange Collar-Bella vom Adlerland
Active Companion, WI


USA Collar-Belleau vom Adlerland
Personal Protection, WI

Country Collar-Baha vom Adlerland
Obedience, NM

Red Collar-Banshee vom Adlerland
Sport work, WI

Grey Collar-Blake vom Adlerland
Schutzhund WI

Purple Collar-Breidis vom Adlerland

Fire Collar-Baalos vom Adlerland
Schutzhund, WI


Pink Collar-Brynn vom Adlerland
Schutzhund, WI

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